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About Us

VIGIL CRUISEVOY LIMITED (VCL), a pioneering Public Limited Company established in 2018 as India's inaugural Cruise Line Company headquartered in Mumbai, has undergone transformative growth and diversification in response to global challenges.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, VCL strategically shifted its focus to contribute to Sustainable Development through participation in Think Tank Projects in the Maritime and Hospitality sectors. Notably, in 2020, VCL made a significant move by acquiring Kanethara Maritime at an accrued price of £1 Million USD, holding a remarkable Design Asset valued at £70 Million GBP. This includes the esteemed World Office Cruise with a worth of £20 Million GBP and Floating City Project design an additional £50 Million GBP as an accrued asset, solidifying VCL's position in the industry.

With a rich history in cruise booking dating back to 2015, catering to renowned cruise ship owners such as Carnival and expanding to include partnerships with Virgin Voyages, Albatross, and Atlas Ocean Voyages, VCL made the strategic decision to extend its operations to the United Kingdom. To facilitate this expansion, a separate entity, registered independently, now spearheads Cruise booking and Education Services.

Currently, VCL is dedicated to various Sustainable Development projects, demonstrating a commitment to the broader maritime landscape. This includes Cruise operations, Cruise terminal projects, the innovative Floating City project, Smart City initiatives, Sustainable Tourism, Coastal Tourism, Ship Management, and noteworthy contributions in Shipbuilding and Repairing. Particularly noteworthy is VCL's status as India's First Defense Ship Designer in the private sector, further highlighting the company's commitment to innovation and progress in both commercial and defense sectors.

VCL's diverse portfolio reflects its adaptability and forward-thinking approach, positioning itself as a key player in the evolving landscape of the maritime industry.

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